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dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi
Mon Sep 10 07:33:46 EST 2001

dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi wrote:
> If you go for Spike 2/Signal 2, I would recommend finding out if there
> are any drawbacks with timing if you use Windows 2000 or Windows NT4.

I asked CED, and this is their answer:
"There aren't any timing problems with any of the Windows or Mac
platforms the latter being harder to fight for real time activity. 
Because we do everything inside the 1401 we circumvent any interrupt 
periods of the computer by buffering data in the 1401 if necessary at
all. I would say that 2000 was probably better in terms of speed 
because of the threading we use".

Dag Stenberg

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