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Matt Jones jonesmat at physiology.wisc.edu
Mon Sep 10 18:29:44 EST 2001

electrowoman456 at yahoo.com (bobbi) wrote in message news:<8010baf2.0109091340.17d67db6 at posting.google.com>...
> I have been using Datawave's software, both workbench and discovery,
> for my electrophysiology and despise them both. There are too many
> reasons to get into here. I'm about to start a post-doc and have the
> chance to set up rig from scratch. So what are other people using and
> what packages have you heard good things about? All of my
> electrophysiology has been extracellular so far, single unit, evoked
> potential, and EEG. Is there a package that does a good job of these?
> What about linux resources?
> Thanks,
> Bobbi

Since you're starting from scratch, you have an awful lot of freedom
to choose not only software, but platform.  I was in the same position
not long ago, when I set up my lab. As a postdoc, I had been using
PClamp until I got so fed up with its limitations that I ended up
having to write my own acquisition and analysis software using
Axobasic -AND- my own hardware because even Axobasic wouldn't allow me
to control enough outputs. I hate PCs anyway, and this experience just
made that feeling even more intense. So when i started over from
scratch, here's what I got:

Mac G4 computers.
AxoPatch 200B amplifiers (Axon Instr.)
Digidata 1320A DAC (Axon)
AxoGraph 4 (Acquisition and analysis software; Axon)

I am very satisfied with this setup, with the exception of some
interface bugs in AxoGraph. Despite the bugs, I think this is one of
the most stable and versatile acquisition and analysis packages among
the several I've seen, for any platform. I use it for multi-electrode
patch clamp recording in brain slices, and for controlling a rapid
ligand application system.

If you would like more info, you can see this software review in the
online journal HMS Beagle:


You may need to register by giving your email, but it doesn't cost
anything and they won't try to sell you anything.

I am not in any way affiliated with Axon Instruments, other than being
a reasonably satisfied customer.



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