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>Children with ADHD <

Note that those labelling children so would also call what for a damaged brain
might be amazing concentration capacities 
a deficit, 
and that people in to such vague labels tend to ignore to regard individual
internal causes for differences being there, why hazily labelling differing
causes and effects  due to some outer common aspects
undiscerningly together.

>are believed by some to  owe their symptoms to insufficient
activity in the frontal cortex, <

And why should that in insufficient.

How far can it be excluded that there are those that call what is sufficient
insufficient, just because it does not reach their expectations, that are not
based on an individual and what is differing there.

So that if for example there were less cells due to some brain damage, but the
activity there for those sufficient, that that then might be called

Meaning more that some persons in their belief might not reach sufficient
accuracy, and be more busy to superimpose the norms or expectations of a group
on someone differing and not take the differing brain as a base for what is
normal there.

Therefore particularily the psycho-branches also keeping landing with calling
what are differing orders in the wake if disorders 
a disorder of their branches - as they tend to call also other orders, even if
those repeat with different persons on different continents, so orderly are
these orders, a disorder of one of their psycho-branches.

(Which indeed it is, and might therefore be found rather funny.  ;-)

> which is believed to inhibit other structures
that subserve impulsive or reflexive behaviors.<

And what structures would that be,
and how would it inhibit them?

Apart from that you forgot to mention that the frontal cortex is of several
areas and these not just to do all with the same areas.

It seems to me more that you never studied far in your head what frontal
functions are.

> That might be why a stimulant seems to calm them down and enhance their
concentration abilities.<

When drug attacking children and messing around in their brain, and finally
getting them to slave to others, the turning children into drug zombies might
be called to "enhance" their concebntration abilities, but that is also heard
with the concentration handicapper ritalin.

It is sad that these days the enslavement of humans already reaches the brain
hardware and kidneys of children being drug attacked.

A slave made to slave to his master's will is not an enhancement of
concentration, and to the opposite there are lots of stories around of drug
crippling children, who after the drug attacks got worse in capacities, and I
did not read one text so far that actually showed proof that drug attacks on
the brain really enabled concentration to increase in general, and not some
young brain slave being forced to slave to a task and being threated to be
tortured brain chemically and with bad treatments until he or she finally obeys
his or her brain hardware owners who are chemically attacking there and try to
force the young slave to be obedient, and brain systems welfare costs and
organs welfare costs.

The enslavement of brain hardware in its lies is also shown by that a drug like
ritalin that is used to turn children into chemical zombies and warp their
brain systems and steal their parallel processing capacities and get them to
easier be handled by the slave's and the slave's brain hardware owners &
chemical attackers, 
that the same drug is forbidden to adults, 
and in what all 
as potential damages and little understanding in how the drug works
has been listed by producers of the drug.

But it is interesting how chemically attacking children treated to be brain
slaves down to brain hardware and turning them into drug zombies is called
"calm them down", and how even with a drug that is obviously handicapping
parallel processing powers I heard that it is supposed to "enhance"
concentration, though handicappes parallel processing capacities considerably.

But just for entertainment, and what drugs by names are those that are supposed
to enhance concentration abilities and not just in some belief 
or via handicapping so powerfully as with ritalin, turning someone into sort of
a one-track zombie and then trying to get the zombie drug-cripple brain
hardware slave to follow his master's orders and threaten more brain chemical
attacks and more abuse if the slave is not obeying the master's orders?

I so far never heard of any drug that is actually enhancing concentration
abilities, and I noticed more that several drugs that can be used for differing
energy levels cause more errors.

Apart from that differences in reactions to some drugs can have to do with
different substances settings, and not with the frontal cortex.

It is known from young brain slaves being brain attacked chemically that there
it is a common game to take for example different levels of a substance that
with different actions of that person should be higher and is to do with joy,
and then declare that this is too high, as someone not doing the activities
that one likes nor having the same genetics does not have these levels, and
then to chemically attack the brain because they are envious of that joy or for
other reasons wish to chemically cripple the other until he does not feel that
joy anymore.

Of course that is called different names.

But it is commonly known from young brain slaves being chemically attacked,
that there transmitter levels that in a differing person are differing, and
that belong so, are warped around with,
so that it is old knowledge from drug abuse of young brain slaves that
differing people can have differing internal levels, and such could be read
years ago already on common internet sites, including which transmitter levels
are attacked there.

In psychiatry one then can find data about the old game how something is
declared to be too high, and something else then is chemically forced to be too
or the same game with too low.

Altering a transmitter level to where it does not belong so that then receptor
molecule numbers alter to make up the error, and are then wrong in numbers.

So that a too high is declared, a too low forced, and a too high in receptor
molecule forced,

or the same game the other way around.

These are old games that are not just committed to young brain slaves, but have
been used up to irreversible damages also with adult brain slaves held in
psychiatry prisons,
not to forget organ damages there forced into people with drugs and so on,
and one might wonder why someone in his frontal fix overlooks that there is
data from human brain slave abuse called in euphemizing terms for a loooong
time, that is to do with transmitter levels.

Damages in the front are more relevant for 
if own I uses that area 
concerning parallel processing capacities, longer concentration and front
memory capacities.

(And with more limited parallel processing capacities and less extensive
thinking capacities THERE can be then differing correlations to emotion areas
in the wake, including thinking less about emotional reactions, and,
particularily also with damages in emotional areas as well, less caapacities to
think about what another feels about what one is doing. Also if more segregated
in processing from emotion generators emotionally based stuff of others might
be found more illogical and therefore not so relevant to consider logically.)

>- if there are any current, experimental procedures of this nature
>No, not for normal people. 

Have you never heard a medicine student or someone else talk about how learning
advanced to just reading something one or several times and then knowing it for
a test?

However it is possible for someone that data stored in that "mode" might not be
still easily accessible years later as data that was learned in a harder way /
differing "mode" before.

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