axons, glial cells, dendrites

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> 1.
> Neurons keep being produced well into adulthood. There are now MANY
> references to this effect.
Then how you produce more neuron...?

> 2.
> Neurons are the critical elements in intelligence, the others have roles to
> play but in the end in comes down to neurons.

How do we expand it?

Im taking tryptophan with tryosine and piracetam, vinpocetine,
lucidril, hydergine...
IS it alright?
Is tryptophan can be mixed with other amino acid... or..?

Will be apreciated

Original msg:
Neurons stop reproducing after infancy. But axons, dendrites, and
glial cells--which provide electrochemical connections between
neurons--keep growing as long as we keep learning. These
interconnections are far more important to intelligence than the
number of neurons in our brain
- How you increase axons, dendrites, and glial cells in brain..?

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