axons, glial cells, dendrites

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Neurons do not replicate, there is now considerable evidence for stem cell
activity in the adult CNS, even immature neurons generated in the dentate
gyrus migrating to areas in the neocortex (one ref for that at least).

New neurons are probably always being produced at a basal rate, my GUESS is
that in response to damage this activity is upregulated. Learning new tasks
may also enhance neurogenesis but can't recall any evidence re this and
seriously think that the timeframes for generating new neurons does not make
it viable for learning to occur through such a process. Takes too long
basically, new memories can be formed in minutes and hours. New connections,
and each neurons can have thousands of these, is what allows new learning.
Maybe, perhaps ... probably.

Anyway, new neurons does not = increased intelligence. In the developmental
years there are certain tricks that can help maintain neuron numbers and
health (eg enriched environment for rats, which even protects against brain
trauma), but by adulthood new rules come into play. What does appear to be
important is that anything upregulating growth factors can be very helpful.
Eg. Mild aerobic exercises elevates growth factors, nerve growth factors
amongst them, and with aging this can be important because growth factors
are slowly declining over the years.

Be careful with tryptophan supplementation. Happened nearly two decades ago
now, but some protein supplements were found to have v. high levels of
tryptophan and this caused liver and kidney problems, severe problems. Be
very careful about such cocktails as you mention below. Dangerous and no-one
really knows if such cococtions work. Don't be silly and rely on your own
'feelings' either, even if you are getting an increase that does not mean
you aren't doing damage over the long term. My personal belief is that over
excitation of the brain is worse than under excitation, adding all these
stimulators may boost brain power but at what long term cost. It's like
depriving yourself of sleep for an extra couple of hours of thinking, keep
it up and you'll start going backwards.

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> > 1.
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> > Neurons keep being produced well into adulthood. There are now MANY
> > references to this effect.
> Raden:
> Then how you produce more neuron...?
> > 2.
> >
> > Neurons are the critical elements in intelligence, the others have roles
> > play but in the end in comes down to neurons.
> Raden:
> How do we expand it?
> P.S:
> Im taking tryptophan with tryosine and piracetam, vinpocetine,
> lucidril, hydergine...
> IS it alright?
> Is tryptophan can be mixed with other amino acid... or..?
> thanks
> Will be apreciated
> Original msg:
> Neurons stop reproducing after infancy. But axons, dendrites, and
> glial cells--which provide electrochemical connections between
> neurons--keep growing as long as we keep learning. These
> interconnections are far more important to intelligence than the
> number of neurons in our brain
> - How you increase axons, dendrites, and glial cells in brain..?

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