axons, glial cells, dendrites

Mark99 opaque at is.private.dk
Wed Sep 12 13:44:49 EST 2001

> Be careful with tryptophan supplementation. Happened nearly two decades
> now, but some protein supplements were found to have v. high levels of
> tryptophan and this caused liver and kidney problems, severe problems. Be
> very careful about such cocktails as you mention below. Dangerous and
> really knows if such cococtions work. Don't be silly and rely on your own
> 'feelings' either, even if you are getting an increase that does not mean
> you aren't doing damage over the long term. My personal belief is that
> excitation of the brain is worse than under excitation, adding all these
> stimulators may boost brain power but at what long term cost. It's like
> depriving yourself of sleep for an extra couple of hours of thinking, keep
> it up and you'll start going backwards.

Tryptophan works, it has a mild effect at *swallowable* doses, but it works.
I enjoy the feeling it gives me very much. In what way is tryptophan

Please explain, how can amino acid supplements 'over-stimulate' ones brain?

Thank you


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