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John H John at faraway.com.au
Thu Sep 13 01:40:24 EST 2001

Read the post again, I did not say excess tryptophan hurts the brain, but
the kidneys and liver. This may take months to evolve.

The problem with pure amino acids is that these are mostly poorly absorbed
through the gut wall, so you may be spending a lot of money for little

I don't doubt it works, studies have shown that tryptophan depletion can
induce mild depression, that it works for you may suggest you are one
individual particularly susceptible to tryptophan depletion.

Be careful, that's all. Don't trust all those books claiming this
supplementation and that performs miracles. Sometimes there is a boost,
often not.

I'm not going into the over stimulation part, too long for this forum.

John. H.

Mark99 <opaque at is.private.dk> wrote in message
news:3b9fad82$0$14819$d40e179e at nntp02.dk.telia.net...
> > Be careful with tryptophan supplementation. Happened nearly two decades
> ago
> > now, but some protein supplements were found to have v. high levels of
> > tryptophan and this caused liver and kidney problems, severe problems.
> > very careful about such cocktails as you mention below. Dangerous and
> no-one
> > really knows if such cococtions work. Don't be silly and rely on your
> > 'feelings' either, even if you are getting an increase that does not
> > you aren't doing damage over the long term. My personal belief is that
> over
> > excitation of the brain is worse than under excitation, adding all these
> > stimulators may boost brain power but at what long term cost. It's like
> > depriving yourself of sleep for an extra couple of hours of thinking,
> > it up and you'll start going backwards.
> Tryptophan works, it has a mild effect at *swallowable* doses, but it
> I enjoy the feeling it gives me very much. In what way is tryptophan
> dangerous?
> Please explain, how can amino acid supplements 'over-stimulate' ones
> Thank you
> M99

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