axons, glial cells, dendrites

Matt Jones jonesmat at physiology.wisc.edu
Thu Sep 13 10:30:43 EST 2001

In article <r2i1qtc4777us1gvapgph5l901e7l1hldi at 4ax.com> Richard
Norman, rsnorman at mediaone.net writes:
>>> Aah, the wonderous effects of the most effective drug known to
>>> placebo hydrochloride.
>>> Ian
>>ohh do you know where I can buy this and how much money i can pay
for it please!!
>Don't be fooled by this obviously misguided attempt to help.  That
>drug is absorbed very poorly.  Try placebo bitartrate instead!

But DON'T use placebo bitartrate if you're pregnant or nursing! 

And under no circumstances should you take any of these drugs while
drinking and operating heavy machinery.

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