axons, glial cells, dendrites

Dan Snyder snyds at tc.umn.edu
Thu Sep 13 15:34:57 EST 2001

In article <b86268d4.0109130730.5fe145b8 at posting.google.com>,
 jonesmat at physiology.wisc.edu (Matt Jones) wrote:

> In article <r2i1qtc4777us1gvapgph5l901e7l1hldi at 4ax.com> Richard
> Norman, rsnorman at mediaone.net writes:
> >>> Aah, the wonderous effects of the most effective drug known to
> medicine,
> >>> placebo hydrochloride.
> >>> 
> >>> Ian
> >>
> >>
> >>ohh do you know where I can buy this and how much money i can pay
> for it please!!
> >
> >Don't be fooled by this obviously misguided attempt to help.  That
> >drug is absorbed very poorly.  Try placebo bitartrate instead!
> But DON'T use placebo bitartrate if you're pregnant or nursing! 
> And under no circumstances should you take any of these drugs while
> drinking and operating heavy machinery.

Although it is fine to take these if you are trying to get pregnant 
while drinking and operating heavy machinery.

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