axons, glial cells, dendrites

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>>> >Tryptophan works, it has a mild effect at *swallowable* doses, but it works.
>>> >I enjoy the feeling it gives me very much. In what way is tryptophan
>>> >dangerous?
>>> Aah, the wonderous effects of the most effective drug known to medicine,
>>> placebo hydrochloride.
>>> Ian
>>ohh do you know where I can buy this and how much money i can pay for it please!!
>Don't be fooled by this obviously misguided attempt to help.  That
>drug is absorbed very poorly.  Try placebo bitartrate instead!

Shuuush!!!  I got stiffed on a whole truckload of the hydrochloride and
now your scaring off the only sucke...er...customer I've had for
months!! :(


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