> How would you electrically and naturally stimulate the same sensory pathway

Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Wed Sep 19 10:33:43 EST 2001

> How would you electrically and naturally stimulate the same sensory
> without disrupting the stimulus encoding without assuming a linear
addition of
> the two?

Sensory systems are cross linked.  Any linked system can be influenced or
entrained by a
consistant oscillator.  So it is possible to use flashing lights, sounds,
vibration, or electro stimulation
to entrain other cross linked systems.

Consider the following from Correlational Opponent Processing:

"3. Oscillators:

Physicist Yoshiki Kuramoto at the University of Kyto, Japan has
created a mathematical oscillator model that has implications to
the topic of consciousness and neuro processing (Peterson, 1996).
The basic idea is that ALL oscillators respond to or are
characterized by a set of differential equations with two
components.  The first equation is used to describe what each
oscillator would due individually.  This can be viewed as phases
or wave patterns traced over a circle.  The circle must be
expanded so that the start and stop of a cycle occur at the
same point.  The second equation is used to describe how
oscillators influence each other, i.e. to speed up or slow
down other oscillators.  Stability results from the equal and
global collective oscillation frequencies.  This has been used
with Josephson junctions to create extremely accurate timing
devices.  An array of Josephson junction oscillators model
neuro circuits.  Mathematical principles and observations
emerge with suggestions for neuro processing and consciousness.

A collective system from the two equations would start out
chaotic with individual independent oscillations.  A phase
transition first suggested by Arthur T. Winfree at the University
of Arizona in Tucson analogous to phase transitions such as the
freezing of a liquid results in an intermediate stage in which
oscillators are partially synchronized.  Oscillators near the average
gaussian frequencies phase lock and cause the collective to emerge
as a coherence.  This would equal a THOUGHT or conscious
experience.  It is important to remember this is a global and
individual interaction of neural oscillators.  So one can phase
shift any wavelet component in neuro processing and influence
other wavelet neuro processing system.  For example; running
on a treadmill get off quickly and see the room appear to go
forward from a gaussian opponent wavelet interaction."

> Anyway, a simpler explanation that would be put forth would involve a
> local rebound effect and not a global opponent processing schema. If you
> do such an experiment and show the 'opponent freqency' component existed,
> you might have something.


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