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>Sensory systems are cross linked.

How so? I've studied the auditory, visual, and vestibular pathways, and would
not describe their points of interconnection as cross linkages. The information
flow is generally in one direction from two sensory systems to a common
integrative point. There are descending influences from what could conceivably
be a common point, but again each sensory pathway receiving such input does so

So while there may be common output (cortex, thalamus, hippocampus) and common
influences from one another (colliculi, cerebellum), the architecture is not
reciprical and is not likely to allow oscillations (waves, spikes) representing
one sensory modality to influence another sensory modality at any point other
than a local convergence point. 

While I don't know of any sensory crosslinkage studies, I have to admit it
seems counter intuitive and may not have been fully explored yet. There are
some areas, where I would look for cross linkage influences that could receive
and send, like in the pulvinar in the thalamus or the hippocampus. Also, my
functional anatomy is not perfect, so if anyone knows of an instance like area
MT influencing auditory processing or some medial geniculate interconnection to
the lateral geniculate, let me know.

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