> >Sensory systems are cross linked.

Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Wed Sep 19 15:00:57 EST 2001

> >Sensory systems are cross linked.
> How so? I've studied the auditory, visual, and vestibular pathways, and
> not describe their points of interconnection as cross linkages. >>cut>>

Cross linkage declines with maturity and specialization of the brain.  You
are going to see more
of it in children.  The cross linkage does not have to be perfect or even
strong to use for entrainment.
Consider this before dismissing cross linkage.

Why would a woman marry a man because she likes the way his name tasted?
How would a blind person see using their tongue being stimulated with
electrodes connected to a TV camera?
How would speakers under the arms help hearing before hearing aids could be
made small enough to fit in the ear?
Why would the visual system be effected by running on a treadmill then
seeing the wall go forward when you got off?
Why would pain be perceived in areas where there is no tissue damage?
Why would a person taste shapes?
Why would odor stimulate visual memory?
Why would a flashing strobe light cause pleasure?
Why would a person report feeling red with their fingers?
Why would experience change sensitivity in a sensory system in unrelated

Consider for a moment the advantages and possibilities that might exist for
helping people by using even weak cross linkage to reduce their
disabilities.  Then consider ways to find out if you could do experiments
that could justify this approach to your satisfaction.

Ron Blue


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