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           Title: Neuroinformatics
       Organizer: Krzysztof (Krys) Cios, CCB Associate Director
            Date: April 12, 2002
      Objectives: provide an overview of neuroinformatics and its
                  challenges as well as examples of current research.
 Target audience: researchers who lack knowledge of neuroscience or
                  computer science and want to explore collaboration
                  on the problems in this interface.

 Neuroinformatics combines the areas of neuroscience and informatics
 (computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering) to develop new
 tools and approaches to better understand the structure and function
 of the brain.  The informatics research is on databases, data
 visualization, data integration and synthesis, data mining, and
 related topics.  The focus is on the development of structural,
 functional, and analytical models and simulations.  The workshop will
 provide an overview of neuroinformatics, then concentrate on the
 following areas:

  1) Role of Animal Models in Studies of Mental Retardation in Down
  2) Computational Issues in Down Syndrome;
  3) Cell replacement therapies for brain repair in neurodegeneration,
     where neurotransplantation delivers cells containing molecular
     machinery  necessary for the restoration of brain function;
  4) Genetic and environmental influences on dyslexia;
  5) Sensory Processing Impairment in Schizophrenia: Insights from
  6) Stochastic and coherence resonance in a hippocampal neuronal network
  7) Modeling somatosensory pathways and plasticity taking place in the
     somatosensory cortex, the learning rule that models the plasticity
     in networks of spiking neurons;
  8) Alcoholism and gene expression arrays.

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