neural plasticity

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>are ther any easy to read online articles about neural plasticity?

Did you ever read an easy article? :-)

Weiller, C., Leonhardt, G., Rijntjes, M., Dettmers, C., Müller, S., &
Jüptner, M. (1996). Early sensory reorganization predicts recovery of
lost motor function after stroke - a clinical PET-stduy. Neuroimage,
5(4), 28.

Musso, M., Weiller, C., Kiebel, S., Rijntjes, M., Jüptner, M., &
Bülau, P. (1997). Brain plastcity induced by language training after
stroke. Neuroimage, 5(4), 60.

Ramachandran might be interessting too for negative consequences.
HTH, Heiko.
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