urgent help needed

azo charif azo at chari.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Sep 28 04:16:43 EST 2001

hi everyone
i need to write a research proposal very soon about the software design of
intelligent multimedia interfaces that have the capacity to exhibit
human-like traits such as natural language and emotional expressions and
also have the capacity to understand these traits  from a human user....the
intefaces will also have a component that communicates with an EEG machine
recording the different mental states of the user during his/her interaction
with the computer...
 to design these interfaces i want to use mainly the two software tools  of
and ANN(that is the only tools  i basically familiar with ).....
please give any references  on the net about this specific field or any
ideas of yours which you might think could help me in this task....
thanks in advance

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