Interfacing to the neural strata....

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Fri Sep 28 12:07:58 EST 2001

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> Robin is quite correct.  As long as each recording requires an
> electrode plus an amplifier plus some sort of display, the sheer
> volume of labor involved in placing the electrodes and the equipment
> is a significant limit.  To really see the details of what a cell is
> doing requires intracellular recording -- and doing that for more than
> a few cells at a time is really out of the question.
> Now if someone could develop a nice, non-toxic drug that changes its
> optical properties with electrical potential, then you might infuse it
> into a tissue and all the cells you see in the microscope would be
> recordable simultaneously!  That would be nice.

Something like the LCD-display uses (as in liquid crystals), but non-toxic.


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