A Theory of Sleep

yan king yin (no spam please) y.k.y at lycos.com
Sat Sep 29 13:16:19 EST 2001

"Yoda_Buddy" <paloyoda at mnsi.net>:
>    I don't know much about the science of sleep, but I saw a show once where
> they got a group of people to undergo an experiment in sleep deprivation.
> After they had gone with minimal to no sleep for a period of time, the
> testers noticed that they seemed to be fine physically, but could not
> perform mentally. They got on excercise bicycles, and did fine, but were not
> able to do fairly simple math questions.

Thanks for this info.  This supports the view that sleep serves
some essential function for the brain but less so for the body.
I think this poses a very acute question: how can we miss such
an important function of sleep if we want to understand the
brain?  But my paper contains some speculations that are just
too wild, it needs to be revised.

BTW It must be interesting to see that experiment.. i mean it must
be horrible for the participants.


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