Binary behaviour of some dendrites

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> By the way, are you also aware that mitochondria can store and release
> intracellular calcium in response to certain stimuli? This could
> potentialy be incorporated into a flip-flop theory of mitochondrial
> function.
> It's interesting to think about these things. But i hope you will not
> mind if I remain skeptical for now.
> Cheers,
> Matt

I am sceptical about any hypothesis that has not been tested by experiment,
so I don't mind at all.

I did know about the storing and releasing of calcium by mitochondria. A
paper by French authors that I read a few years ago indicated a time-scale
of many seconds. Nonetheless, I noticed with interest that Wei et al had
reported that "electrogenesis is mediated primarily by voltage-gated calcium

Thanks for the exchange of ideas.


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