Cerebellar Vermis Spike Data

Lux Ex Inferis luxexinferis at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 17:52:56 EST 2002

I am seeking information in the form of:
EEG recordings directly taken from individual and
groups of neurons in the anterior cerebellar vermis.
It would be helpful if this included spike timing
data and waveforms specific to the structure. 
This information is going to be used to develop a
non-invasive stimulator for the anterior vermis,
as an extension of the work of Dr. Robert G. Heath
and his associates Prescott and Harlow. 
As electrical stimulation of the vermis produces
activity in all the pleasure and reward centers 
of the brain, I believe a non-invasive means 
would be of use to anyone with an intact vermis.
I propose to use the complex magnetic stimulation 
studies of Dr. Michael A. Persinger as a method.
This method uses averaged time and waveform data 
to stimulate specific parts of the brain. It seems
to produce dramatic change in afferent manifestations
of amygdalal and hippocampal activity (the primary
areas that have been researched by Persinger). Any
information anyone could point me to would be
greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to write me
off the list about this. Thanks.

James C. Roberts

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