human perception of sound intensity differences?

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>Anyone have any links or information regarding studies illustrating the
>minimum amplitude of sound in which humans can perceive a difference?
>Thanks in advance.
>-Mark Zarella
nice to see someone introduce the topic here.
There are some books below, all of them threat both aspects :
impression <-> intensity, range of sound-harmonics<->interpretation.
-----> note: 
   The hottest topic today is about the understanding 
    1)what&where in the brain perceives what&when at first.
   2) what&where in the brain perceives and transmits what&when on the
most correct and usefull way. (it could help your quest on the net)
	i've got the following refferences, you can get books or
search on the net (my bookmarks were recently skipped): the homepage
of Alexander Graham Bel is a nice start, really.
The following keywords may help you : 
auditive+memory, cochlea,reissner+membrane, temporal+lobe,
intensiy+treshold, phones, mels,decibels, audittive+response,
aphasie, (French), amusie(French),Fauré (famous case study on this
Books & Hall of Fame Names ; 
-Alain Daniélou : great essayist on the Affect of Musical Tones and
Sounds on men : "Introduction to Musical Scales" is his classic -->
quite 'alternative'
- STEVENS.S.S. and DAVIS H. : Hearing, NY 1948 : both of them made a
large case study and obtained measurements in units of in #Mels.
- FELIX SAVART : introduced a model in wich sound makes replicable
patterns in the middle ear, see also 'Piezzo element'
  ------------> read&visit also stuff about Corti and Chladni, who
discovered the genuine electrochemic process of the inner ear to the
acoustic nerve and temporal receptive zones in the cortex:  'the
- REISNER : a famous anatomyst/neurofysiologist
- HELMHOLTZ H. : one of the founders of psychoacoustic/fysiology
- FLETCHER:obtained an algorytmic scale and scalar curve of
'exitation' by intesity (Db) level, a.ka. "Law of Fechner"
- LEIPP EMANUEL; speech and understanding

all of these are useless without some good notes on the general
procedure of Memory, since its tricky  relation towards 'registered
sound patches'

Good luck,

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