why study neurology?

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Mon Jan 7 14:10:07 EST 2002

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> hi NG,
> I've just begun to browse through NGs looking for neurological topics.
> Studying medicine, I'm particularly interested in the nervous system. I'd
> like to hear from neurologists or other people fascinated by neurology the
> reason why they chose to dedicate to this subject. I'm sure it would help me
> to understand my own reasons better.
> Thanks in advance,
> Laura

How about finding what scientists call the g-factor (general intelligence) ?
That should require a life-time of research.
BTW, I recommend a couple of books by Dr.Calvin ('The Celebral Code' and 'How Brains
And the one I'm working slowly and painstakely through now is "Principles of Neural
It is quite interesting and fascinating to really understand what, how and why.


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