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>> hi NG,
>> I've just begun to browse through NGs looking for neurological topics.
>> Studying medicine, I'm particularly interested in the nervous system. I'd
>> like to hear from neurologists or other people fascinated by neurology the
>> reason why they chose to dedicate to this subject. I'm sure it would help me
>> to understand my own reasons better.
i have authentificatory doubts here... tsk.tsk.tsk.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Laura
>And the one I'm working slowly and painstakely through now is "Principles of Neural
</snip>---- good luck, it sounds promisefull !

anyway, tracert, chased or not;
	if you study medecine you must have heard of the infinte-infinitecimal
revolution of science and medicine after Isaac Newton.
Since then, men always looked for the smaller to explain the greatest. For once,
we had the methods ! A microscope, radioscope,....
untill Einstein and many others made a real breakthrough the 'smallest'
influencing the 'great'.
Neurologists are people who look both for the 'elementary particles' that make a
brain and a nervous system function together
and how these elementary particles are organized to fulfill their tasks, the
next question is : Why ?
	The founder of neurology was Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852 - 1934), a
painter-fysician with biological interests. He won the Nobel prize in 1906 and
discovered the nowadays 'link' between chemistry and neuronal biology : the
synaptic cleft. (search with Google and take any .edu)
Today, we still register, observe and notice each very hour new aggregations and
ionisation of molecules and electrochemical procedures in the nervous system of
living species.
The general branches of neurology are:
and tommorow ....
.... newsgroupistology
You should adress yourself to both authorities of:
sci.psycholology.research : judi at psychophysics.org
			   jmhoward at sprynet.com
and put your equest there
(wich by this is done)

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