why study neurology?

Vishal Dhokia vishal at ddhokia.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 15:46:42 EST 2002

Im a medic too.....

in normal clinical practice, neurology doesnt set my imagination on fire,
but what REALLY DOES is the cutting edge research and rare phenomina (which
unless you are one of a hand full in the world you will not get to
see!)...so can you hack it and make it up there and really do what YOU want
to do/research/explore?  That is the question.  Have you read Ramachandrans
Phantoms of the Brain, or Oliver Sacks The Man Who?....the cases are so

Also, I think the deeper you get into neuro and the more you (think you)
explain...the more humbling it is tolearn that there must be a soul and God
and all that.....but that is going a bit deep there!


"Laura" <aaa at aaa.it> wrote in message
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> hi NG,
> I've just begun to browse through NGs looking for neurological topics.
> Studying medicine, I'm particularly interested in the nervous system. I'd
> like to hear from neurologists or other people fascinated by neurology the
> reason why they chose to dedicate to this subject. I'm sure it would help
> to understand my own reasons better.
> Thanks in advance,
> Laura

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