why study neurology?

Jack jalmb at my-deja.com
Thu Jan 10 10:37:53 EST 2002

You seem awfully closed-minded. If you are interested in proving the
soul is a myth, that is unfortunate, but if you are interested in
finding the "truth", then you need to stop discounting what you have
not experienced.

GuilfoyleMR at cardiff.ac.uk (Mathew Guilfoyle) wrote in message news:<4b9ea6a.0201100245.3bae03d8 at posting.google.com>...
> "Vishal Dhokia" <vishal at ddhokia.fsnet.co.uk> wrote in message news:<a1ia3c$l08$1 at newsg1.svr.pol.co.uk>...

> There's only a soul because you want one to be there!

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