why study neurology?

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I see your reasoning.  But religion and faith are not necessary in
believing the existence of a soul.  From what I understand, the soul
becomes known through experiencing it, through being "open" to it. 
Religion and faith develop in the realm of consciousness.  This is not
how to experience the soul.  But, you can never experience it if you
are convinced it does not exist.

Now, I don't have proof of the soul, and like you said, maybe no one
does.  But all things begin from nothing.  The world has not reached
it's current state of innovation by closing ourselves to the
possibility of the unknown.

The radio, telephone, TV, computer, etc.  were not conceived by people
who's mind was closed the their possibility.  Instead they were
conceived by people who went out on a limb where most others dared not

If the soul is something to be experienced, then perhaps someday we
can scientifically backup its existence.  But I don't think this is
the point.  The point is to just be open to its existence without
believing or denying it.

> I would absoultely believe in a soul if you could provide me with some
> direct evidence of its existence, but I am not prepared to do so on
> faith as religion not only currently requires, but actually demands.
> I reckon that if scientists put forward theories in which we just had
> to 'have faith' and no proof, more people would actually 'follow' and
> believe sceince.  People seem to have this need to put their whole
> faith in something which proclaims its own existence while at the same
> time saying you can never prove it, and if you think you have proved
> it, what you've proved is not 'it' becuase it defines itself as
> unprovable.  I don't understand how anyone could believe in something
> which is axiomatically unprovable.

All great innovations/discoveries throughout history started out as
"axiomatically uprovable"!  Everything is unprovable until its proven,
(or at least conceivably provable). :)

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