Properties of hippocampal neurons of rat embryons?

Edmund Müller edmund.mueller at freenet.de
Thu Jan 10 07:38:26 EST 2002


>>>to be dragged toward about -75 mV regardless of what's in the
>>>solution. The predicted chlordide reversal in my intracellular
>>Could you please give me some sources in literature for this, since I
>>mention this posting in my work, I think :-)
>Damn, I was afraid you would ask for that.  Unfortunately, I am not
>sure this has been very well documented in the literature. In general,
>chloride handling by neurons is not a particularly well-studied area.
>Sorry I can't help with a more specific reference. I was simply
>speaking from (unpublished) personal experience.

So who are you, Matt? What's your academic rank in this subject? Professor would
be fine :-) Maybe I can mention this posting in my work despite my doubts. We
are living in modern times, aren't we? Why shouldn't it be legitimate to cite
someone's posting in a newsgroup if the author is trustworthy?


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