why study neurology?

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Sat Jan 12 13:48:08 EST 2002

"Vishal Dhokia" <vishal at ddhokia.fsnet.co.uk>
> Are you saying that you want to keep people alive for ever?  If so what is
> the point in that!  I think you have problems if that is your aim, but
> is sadder is all the people out there that would want to use such mad
> science.

Yes.. that is indeed what I want to do, but it might not be as horrible as
it sounds. I want to know your specific reasons against this, so I can
give you some reply.

Why do you think I have "problems"? I do admit that Im obsessed about
death and I try all means to prevent it. But I think this is quite normal.
Humans have always tried to extend life, the invention of things like
antibiotics, vaccines and other medicine have extended our average life
spans by tens of years. What Im trying to do is just similar.

The brain's capacity for memory is limited. If a person lives forever then
he must somehow erase some of his memories, otherwise his brain will
have to grow bigger and bigger. The erasure of memory is in fact a form
of death. This is just a matter of taste. You might choose to have a child
and transfer your experience to your offsprings.

What I have realized lately is that life and death, self and non-self, are
just continuums. The world is really full of possibilities. If I connect one
brain to another through an artificial corpus collosum, the two brains
may start to share the same consciousness. It is then hard to tell where
one "self" ends and another begins.

If you ask me whats the point in staying alive forever, its just that I
think it would be a lot of fun. I think living with only a brain and just
communicating with the world through Morse code is still better than
death. Think about Helen Keller. She cannot see or hear. Her situation
was hardly better than that of a snail's and yet even she had decided to
live, and became such a great writer.

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