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Just a quick observation & question:

On Sun, 13 Jan 2002 22:33:48 GMT, James Teo wrote:
>On 13 Jan 2002 06:13:59 -0800, mats_trash at hotmail.com (mat) wrote:

>>  SSRIs for depression and agents affecting the dopaminergic
>>systems for schizophrenia have shown how these chemical systems in
>>concert with others define 'us'. 
>But we don't know how they work though, despite the monoamine
>hypothesis. The most interesting question about all these drugs is why
>they take 2-3 weeks to work when the chemical changes occur within
>hours. The answer "changes in receptor sensitivity takes that long" is
>only partially convincing.

As a consumer of drugs in this (and nearby) classes the claim
that "they take 2-3 weeks to work" has begun to interest me more
and more. This "fact" is _not_ universal - it is probably true
for the vast majority of patients, but not all. (And, no, a
placebo effect isn't a sufficient explanation either.)

Does anyone here happen to know of any studies (preferably
available over the net, at least as abstracts) that looks into
this? Ie that some patients react very much faster to SSRIs (and
even more so other classes of ADs) than "expected", and why that
might be?

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