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> Mind Control

This has gone far enough.  You want to know about technology capable of
something like this:

Both of these devises operate on electromagnetic waves.

Issued/Filed Dates Feb. 17, 1970 / March 23, 1965


US3951134: Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain

Inventor:   Malech; Robert G. Plainview, NY

Applicant/Assignee:  Dorne & Margolin Inc

Issued/Filed April 20, 1976/Aug. 5, 1974

Dorne & Margolin  have been manufacturing antennas since 1947.  They merged
with Tiger Industries and AIL in 1998 and were bought by EDO in 2000.

Other patents held by Dorne & Margolin

US5864318  Composite antenna for cellular and gps communications
US5673052  Near-field focused antenna
US5650792  Combination GPS and VHF antenna
US5453753  Mechanically steerable modular plannar patch array antenna

But wait .. there's more:  The CIA DIDN'T DO IT!

Let me quote you something form the

"Assessment of the Possible Health Effects of the Ground Wave Emergency

National Academy Press
Washington D.C. 1993
National Academy of Sciences
ISBN O-309-04777-3

pg 67

Nervous System

        The effects of radiation on nervous tissues have been a subject of
active investigation since changes in animal behavior and nerve electrical
properties were first reported in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and
1960s.1  RF radiation is reported to affect isolated nerve preparation, the
central nervous system, brain chemistry and histology, and the blood-brain

Further down the next paragraph..

     Several groups of investigators have reported that nonthermal levels of
RF fields can alter Ca2+ binding to the surfaces of nerve cells in isolated
brain hemispheres neuroblastoma cells cultured in vitro (reviewed by the
World Health Organization11 and in Chapters 3 and 7 of this report).  That
phenomenon, however, is observed only when the RF fields is
amplitude-modulated at extremely low frequencies, the maximum effect occurs
at a modulation frequency of 16 Hz.

pg 68

    Exposure to nonthermal RF radiation has been reported to influence the
electroencephalograms  (EEGs) of cats when the field was amplitude-modulated
at frequencies of  less than 25hz which is in the range of naturally
occurring EEG frequencies.

next paragraph

    A wide variety of changes in brain chemistry and structure have been
reported after exposure of animals to high-intensity RF fields.19  The
changes include decreased concentrations of epinephrine, norepinephrine,
dopamine, and 5-hydroxytrptamine; changes in axonal structure; a decreased
number of Purkinje cells; and structural alterations in the hypothalamic

pg 69

      Time-varying magnetic fields with either pulsed or sinusoidal
waveforms and frequencies below 100 Hz have been shown to produce visual
phosphenes when the time rate of change of the fields exceeds 1.3/Tsec.  The
frequency most likely to produce magnetophosphenes with sinusoidal fields is
20 Hz; the threshold flux density for eliciting the visual effects is 8 mT.

Here is at least some evidences from a credible source that R.F. fields can
effect the nervous system.

Ever heard of project Pandora?  It's not just an urban legend.  To put a
date on it check out:

Microwave Irradiation Of  The  U.S. Embassy In Moscow
(PERIOD 1953-1977)
1ST Session

While you won't find much about behavioral modification mention in this
report, it does date the event's. It is more interesting than it sounds,
these were low level, complexed, pulsed and continuos wave microwave
signals. They were emitted from three deferent building around the U.S.
Embassy.  Power levels around 5 micro watts/sq cm.  The U.S. Embassy was
shielded with a copper mess in 1976, reducing the R.F. signal inside the
building to 0.2 micro watts/sq cm.  The signal did not stop until the three
building radiating the signal burned to the ground.

For information about the Soviets interest in behavior modification using
r.f. check out a book written by Nicholus H. Steneck, called "The Microwave
MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts 1984  ISBN 0-262-19230-6

Yes I know that there is a difference between ELF and Microwave frequencies,
however you can transmit ELF on VHF, UHF, or Microwaves.  Check out 3.07 Mhz
and you will find .5 to 40 Hz signals in 1 Khz signals at a 3 Mhz carrier

Did you watch NightLine Jan. 02, 2002?
"Spirituality and the Brain"  only the first minutes were relative, but Dr.
M. A. Persinger has been playing with ELF and the brain, producing
"religious type experiences"  changes in brain patterns and chemistry.

     "The ELF'S made me do it!!

Breck Stapleton  (probably branded a radio bent wacko from here on out)

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