Sleep Lab P/P Manual and Resource Guide

Sleepguides info at sleepguides.com
Mon Jan 21 01:58:10 EST 2002

A new publication for the medical professional....
A technical resource manual titled "SLEEPING: On The Job!" is coming soon,
but can be reserved now.

Included is a 65 page sample policy and procedure manual covering policies
for everything from clock-ins to electrode placement to CPAP initiation and
titration. Manual covers such topics as lab setup, design and location
choices, freestanding facilities, and equipment choices for everything
including BiPAP, Pulse oximeter, ETCO2 monitors, computers, parts and
infrared lights. Based on AASM accreditation standards, it is an excellent
resource for hospitals, home care companies, physicians offices or neurology
labs looking to add a sleep diagnostics program to their services. Over 160
pages total! See the website at www.sleepguides.com for more information.
Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to email
info at sleepguides.com with any questions!

The sleepguides.com team

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