why study neurology?

mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 21 05:12:15 EST 2002

> >
> >I'm with you here. I don't think the brain can be explained in
> >isolation
> In which case I'm not sure I understand why you have a problem with the
> idea of an informational/experiential level- if you agree that the mind
> can't be explained in isolation, then you're agreeing that it's not totally
> defined by its biology, surely.

:) I don't agree with the extrapolation you make though.  What I don't
believe is that brains can be explained in isolation from their
society and environment, i.e. in isolation to other brains and the
actual physical environment.  I still don't extend this to include an
'experiential' level.  I suppose my view is similar to understanding
how the lungs and ventilation/perfusion work - you have to know about
atmospheric (external) air pressures and how they change with altitude
etc.  before you can understand how the mechanics of ventilation

ps Informational/Experiential is a strange equality to make. I would
probably agree with the informational part, but the experiential tag
just has implications of dualism etc. IHMO

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