why study neurology?

mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 22 04:35:58 EST 2002

Nick Medford <nick at hermit0.demon.co.uk> wrote in message news:<vkvUnKAODLT8EwG8 at hermit0.demon.co.uk>...
> In article <43525ce3.0201210212.5c039ecf at posting.google.com>, mat
> <mats_trash at hotmail.com> writes
> > Informational/Experiential is a strange equality to make. I would
> >probably agree with the informational part, but the experiential tag
> >just has implications of dualism etc. 
> Blimey, we're veering dangerously close to agreement here. 
> I'll drop the "experiential" if you'll agree to "informational"....
> (sharp intakes of breath all around the negotiating table)
> sign here...

OK, why not. lol

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