New water maze discussion list.

Watermaze beth.hawthorne at hvsimage.com
Thu Jan 24 09:24:32 EST 2002

We are announcing a new e-mail discussion list for scientists in the
field of watermaze, Morris maze, Barnes maze, radial arm maze etc to
discuss science and
techniques and those interested in learning these techniques. This

discussion group is a non-commercial, open group for neuroscientists &
behavioral scientists to exchange information, views & techniques in
water maze (Morris maze), open field, radial-arm maze, Barnes maze,
interaction & other behavioral techniques, with especial reference to

If you know of anyone else who you feel should be on this list or may
to contribute to the list's reprint archive please feel free to
forward this
message to them with a short note of explanation.

Apologies for cross posting but we have only posted to lists where
discussions of these techniques have recently taken place.


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