"New" colours possible?

Richard Norman rnorman at umich.edu
Fri Jan 25 14:05:51 EST 2002

"Tore Lund" <tl001 at online.no> wrote in message
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> Where do you draw the line between internal and external phenomena?
> AFAIK the 3D color space is fairly well explained by the three types of
> cones and the way they are wired to ganglion cells.  And if this is
> true, there is very little our brains have to add in the form of
> "creativity" in order to make "internal mappings".
This thread has a long history.  If you delve back to last November at
groups.google.com you will find mention of work by Gabriele Jordan
and John Mollon of the University of Cambridge on tetrachromats,
that is, people with four types of cones.  Supposedly you can produce
stimuli that other people think look identical that these people see
as different.  But as what "color" they actually "see", that is a different

There were references to

However, I cannot find any primary research citations about this

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