Testosterone is Neuroprotective

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>> The New Scientist reports:
>>  Testosterone blocks Alzheimer's brain abnormality 
>Wow. Testosterone -and- dope are both neuroprotective?
>Teenage boys must have the healthiest  brains of all.

  IAN: Neuroprotective agents would tend to have measurable 
  effect on populations more vulnerable to neurodegeneration,
  which would generally not include teenagers. In the case of 
  THC, the problem I cited is that it impairs memory, probably 
  by reducing acetylcholine. While long-term studies involving 
  heavy use suggest this is not indicative of brain damage, it
  nevertheless raises a confounding factor for the use of THC
  as a neuroprotective agent, especially for young people who 
  need to be learning, and for old people who often have a 
  problem with declining memory. There are, however, ways 
  that users might be able to raise acetylcholine levels.

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