Neurochemistry and the future of neuroscience

Jason Benjamin childish4god at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 28 16:29:48 EST 2002

Hey all.  I mostly joined this group because I plan on getting into a 
career of neuroscience.  I'm interested in neurogenetics, the mapping of 
the neurons (functions) in the human brain, and mammalian brain to 
machine interfacing.  I'm really quite the dreamer, and I enjoy AI and 
ideas having to do with Vernor Vinge's science fiction stories.

Originally I wanted to be a neurologist, but I've found that I'm more 
interested in discovering how the brain works and how the nervous system 
communicates in a specific fashion.  I want to be able to find ways to 
interpret the chemical signals of the nervous system (neurotransmitters) 
and understand the communication protocols used between the neural cells.

I'm really not too much into the pharmocology and psychology aspects of 
neuroscience, however, I do enjoy learning about cognitive processes and 
studies of the brain (the human brain in particular).  I like the ideas 
in the Matrix having to do with being able to plug your brain directly 
into a machine and I see it as being possible sometime.  The mind based 
input devices (such as the Mind Mouse) have been fascinating to me, but 
they are limited.  I hope someday to have mind control very much like we 
have voice control today for computers.  Artficial limbs could also be 
made more accurate as well (as long as implanting studies doesn't beat 
neuroscience to it :))

I want to be able to contribute to fields where someday the human 
cognitive and physical neurological functions could cleanly be 
transferred into a machine body.  IA (intelligence augmentation) is also 
of great interest to me.

Currently, I am taking a Computer Science and Biochemistry major.  I 
hope to eventually get into graduate studies.  I just want to get ideas 
and feedback on what specific career in neuroscience I should pursue, as 
well as the best way to get there.  Thanks.

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