Neurochemistry and the future of neuroscience

Jason Benjamin childish4god at pacbell.net
Wed Jan 30 00:40:15 EST 2002

mat wrote:

>>Originally I wanted to be a neurologist, but I've found that I'm more 
>>interested in discovering how the brain works and how the nervous system 
>>communicates in a specific fashion.  I want to be able to find ways to 
>>interpret the chemical signals of the nervous system (neurotransmitters) 
>>and understand the communication protocols used between the neural cells.
>>I'm really not too much into the pharmocology 
> If you want to understand transmitter systems and the 'protocols' then
> pharmacology is exactly the subject you need to study :)

You really think so huh?  I mean I don't like dealing with medications 
and treatments (I don't like the trial and error aspect--although I am 
glad that they exist to assist).  I'm interested in the neurochemical 
basis of behavior (the biological structure), and especially memory 
studies like alzheimers.  I suppose I want to be a neurochemist, because 
that involves understanding the physics and chemistry in the 

Then would you suggest it would be best to get a neurobiology degree, or 
would biochemistry actually be better?

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