Reincarnation versus "Genetic Memory"

CyberLegend aka Jure Sah jure.sah at guest.arnes.si
Mon Mar 11 08:33:25 EST 2002

azo charif wrote:
> the personal experience  of so-called reincarnation could be just a mental
> re-construction in an unusual mode of cerebral functioning(ie:hypnotic
> trance) -i wouldnt rule out the involvment of some kind of cross-time
> telepathy though ....as usual ,phenomena  like this had to be explained in
> the ancient times in terms of spirits , past lives and all that religeous
> BS,,,,many people today still believe that mental ilness is caused by spirit
> possession .......reincarnation or spirit posession  are both the product
> of the same primitive mentality no matter how today's reincarnationists try
> to convince us otherwise....

Simmilar to computer software: A neat idea, but it dosen't work this


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