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Richard S. Norman rnorman at umich.edu
Thu Mar 14 10:37:10 EST 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 13:49:47 +0100, CyberLegend aka Jure Sah
<jure.sah at guest.arnes.si> wrote:

>Rich Hargrave wrote:
>> What you want to look for is described as the triune brain, along with it
>> are descriptions of behaviours that have been associated to the separtae
>> patrs of it.  
>A network search doesn't show up anything particulary new on the matter.
>Are there any good links?
>> These behaviours have been assess by ablation experiements
>> performed on cats.  It is really quite interesting.
>"Ablation experiments"? Gee, humans can't live without destroying...

The reason you don't find anything "new" is that the subject matter
you asked about (the "reptilian" brain) is an old idea.  If you want
new material, consult any recent neurobiology or physiological 
psychology text on the brain stem, reticular system, basal ganglia
and extrapyramidal motor control.  Then add limbic system and
emotional states.  Finally add neocortex.  That should give you
the material you need to access the current primary literature.

It is hard to imagine how you could learn about any of this stuff
without rather invasive types of experiments that ultimately require
sacrificing the subject.  If that bothers you, then you had better
find a different subject matter to study!


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