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Thu Mar 14 12:06:30 EST 2002

"Richard S. Norman" wrote:
> The reason you don't find anything "new" is that the subject matter
> you asked about (the "reptilian" brain) is an old idea.  If you want
> new material, consult any recent neurobiology or physiological
> psychology text on the brain stem, reticular system, basal ganglia
> and extrapyramidal motor control.  Then add limbic system and
> emotional states.  Finally add neocortex.  That should give you
> the material you need to access the current primary literature.
> It is hard to imagine how you could learn about any of this stuff
> without rather invasive types of experiments that ultimately require
> sacrificing the subject.  If that bothers you, then you had better
> find a different subject matter to study!

Perhaps I stated it in a strange way. I am trying to find some
scientific foundations to a specific practical fenomena.

I was looking for information regarding neurological research regarding
instincts, access to large quantities of the detailed information from
the research and a chance to inspire properly educated people with
details of the specific practical fenomena.


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