Richard S. Norman rnorman at umich.edu
Sun Mar 17 15:53:43 EST 2002

>Note: This is my (R Norman) impression of a partial history of this thread:
>Query by Ian Field
>  Please could anyone suggest keywords to use for searching for
>  newsgroups or any other resources) dealing with brainwaves (0.5 -
>  20Hz)
>Resonse by Richard Norman
>    Try "electroencephalogram" or "EEG".
>Response by Bob Nienhuis
>   Brainwaves are frequently referred to as spectral bands, eg; alpha,
>  beta, delta, theta etc.
>Query by Ian Field
>   Thanks - but I was already aware of that, although since you 
>    mention them I suppose I could type them into the newsgroup
>   searchbox and see what happens 
>Response by Richard Norman
>    Don't search newsgroups.  Search www.google.com for internet
>    sites or www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed for research literature.
>Query by Ian Field
>   Did any of your results contain any significant resource on the
>   0.5 - 20Hz "slow-wave" band of frequencies?

You don't seem to understand. The whole idea of electrical signals
in the range 0.5 to 20 Hz recorded from the surface of the brain (or
the scalp) is call "electroencephalogram".  The alpha, beta, delta,
and theta bands are subdivisions within this spectrum:  The delta
waves are generally 0 to 4 Hz, the theta are 4 to 7 Hz, the alpha
are 8 to 13 Hz and the beta are 13 to 40 Hz (more or less).

If you search for "electroencephalogram alpha" or "EEG delta"
you will get references for what you want.  But again, don't search
newsgroups.  Either search the "internet" using google (or whatever
search strategy you like) or search the scientific literature using
Pubmed (or whatever search strategy you like).

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