The real one
Fri Mar 22 01:15:19 EST 2002

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 15:09:44 +1100 "Glenn Anderson"
<gbanderson at ozemail.com.au> wrote in alt.hentai.sailor-moon:

>  Ahh the missing link in the evolution chain has been found

The poster responsible for all this names himself "The Phantom of
Sympatico", but he's not a Sympatico customer. He hijacks open SOCKS
proxies of customers of various ISPs and that way can access their
customer only Usenet servers. He's posting with e-mail address in the
from line and his endless loop tries to open my webpage, so he can
later on tell my ISP I'm spamming for my webpage, however, they are
already aware of the problem and can only laugh about such a pathetic

He's a regular of alt.mag.hustler. He has made there some posts with
TGOS in the from line as well and probably also impersonated other
users. He pretends to love alt.mag.hustler and wants to prevent that
people there move to a correctly named binary group and that's what
this is all about. If people don't stop to try moving alt.mag.hustler's
binaries to a correctly named binary group, he will continue to post
Usenet floods.

When you are replying to crap posts like this one, DON'T xpost your
reply, as that's exactly what this Troll wants of you. He hopes
that you are xposting into other groups and that way start flame

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