HELP NEEDED: (Brain) Nerve Signals Intercepted by somebody using Devices.

cssc03 at attglobal.net cssc03 at attglobal.net
Sun Mar 24 13:46:36 EST 2002

I live in Manila, Philippines. I'll withold my name as of the moment,
because this sounds crazy.

Its been two years and somebody has been using some devices to intercept my
thoughts and use my throat to speak his own words. I know its some
technology that their tinkering on and use on me.

The person i talk to, know all my thoughts and can control certain energies
around my body as well. Hard to explain as of now. I need help from anyone
or doctors who can intercept brain signals.

Not a joke. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can reach me at xlr800 at hotmail.com

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