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Lax parents blamed for 'attention deficit' behaviour

Jasbird jasbird#deletethis# at myrealbox.com
Fri Aug 1 01:17:20 EST 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 23:00:26 +1000, "John H." <john at faraway.com>

>I know of at least 2 undisputable recent trials (metronome training and a
>type of video game) which can benefit ADD children. The reason I put the
>question to Glen is because there seems to be this assumption kicking around
>that if you find an organic difference in brains (and you do in ADHD) then
>you need some drug regime to correct the problem. However, one can also find
>organic disorders in depression but this can also be treated with behavorial
>therapy. A study last year showed that the same changes that occur with
>ssri's also occur with cognitive therapy in depressed patients. I am at a
>loss to fully understand why behavioural therapy has taken such a backseat,
>except to suggest that in science, though to a lesser degree than other
>areas of intellectual endeavour, fad and fashion still have considerable
>influence. We now see this constant stream of "we have found the gene for
>X". Even in identical twins, however, schizophrenia is only 50% concordant.
>It is maddening to see people swing from nature to nurture, as if the piggy
>in the middle, is not a causative agent on the nature or nurture. No, I'm
>not being dualist!

It is due to socio-political changes within Western culture.  In the
1960s socialist explanations stressed environmental factors in child
development. During the 1970s there was an increase in genetic
explanations starting with the 'selfish gene' and continuing on to
socio-biology and now evolutionary-psychology. Perhaps in future we
can have a more balanced view, especially after recent discoveries
about how few human genes there actually are.

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