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Pot is Good, Cops are Bad

Naomi Kearnon naomii at comcast.net
Sun Aug 3 14:50:12 EST 2003

Pot is not an opiate.  I will, however, explain to you what it is in
modern-day society in the United States.  Pot is something white teenagers
smoke, all white burn-out hippies, and blacks of all ages.  The idea that
you're saying that the OSS intentionally introduced it into the ghetto is
just ASKING one of these damn affirmitive action black people to show up and
start talking about how I oppressed him.

Fun facts about racism :

1. Next time you see a White Panther, ask him to name one place in Africa
that isn't on the northern seaboard or South Africa.  Laugh at him as he
begins to repeat himself nervously.
2. Slaves in the South were treated very well, all things considered, in
comparison to other slaves of the world, they lived in resorts on the estate
they worked on.
3. Ask one black action agent to explain to you what Socialism, Communism,
or Capitalism is.  His reply will be, ' They is oppressin' me meng. '
4. Where as anti-white and 'rap' and 'culture' is an artistic expression, if
I express my thoughts that they're a detrimental effect on any modern
society they currently live in, that's just racism; but it's okay for them
to rap about how they'll rape my wife and have sex with my kids - That's
after they ' shoot ten police and smoke a J '.

I think pot is fine.  I quit smoking pot when I was a teenager.  You're
supposed to move on..  If you legalize pot, it will be a sweeping effect of
lazy, lethargic, and useless people.  Not really because they're lazy
people, but because the fact that pot is openly available for them to smoke.

I do not think pot is a problem, but if it were legalize, anti-hate and
pro-peace mentalities would flood the United States.  Social and racial
tension would meltdown and we would actually perhaps be able to function as
a country.  But, at the same time, it would plunge us into a nearly into an
economic slump that would more than likely slowly recover over the course of
10 years.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.  You know what they say about
the US..

' Divided we stand, United we crawl. '

And there's really no more honesty past that phrase.

- N. Kearnon

' We hang the petty thieves, but we
promote the great ones to public office. '

"Agent 86" <spamspamspam at spam.spam> wrote in message
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> Rense.com
> Marijuana - The GateWay Drug
> By Sheryl Jackson
> moonfyre1 at earthlink.net
> 8-2-3
> In order to view Marijuana from the perspective of the NWO, one must see
> it for the herb that it is. Understanding a little of the history of
> Marijuana is at best convoluted and filled with misunderstanding. So one
> must see how the government sees it.
> Marijuana was, like all other drugs, included in the blanket of crime
> after the laws against drugs that were instituted in l921. At that time
> marijuana was used by most people for relaxing and puttering around the
> garden
> Studies done in the seventies around the world showed that marijuana was
> not an opiate as previously thought and was able to contain pain at a
> tolerable level, and even found to be beneficial for those who had open
> heart surgery. The patient was able to relax and breathe deeper
> facilitating six months of recovery in about six weeks.
> People in England were studied and marijuana was found to be beneficial
> for those with high blood pressure and an intolerance of the potassium
> depleting drugs prescribed by conventional medicine. Studies in Russia
> further illustrated the remarkable healing properties of marijuana for
> those who had cancer surgery because it allowed people to use less of the
> more addictive drugs and still have good recovery.
> Sweden found that marijuana was a comfort to the terminally ill,
> depleting pain and allowing the patients to remain conscious and in
> communication with their families rather than being blotto and dying
> without being conscious.
> All of these studies showed a win/win situation for the patients.
> Up until l849, in America, any one farming 40 or more acres was expected
> to grow hemp for ropes for the government. In fact they were supposed to
> grow five acres of hemp for the government.
> The Iceman found in l997 in the Swiss-Italian Alps of Europe was found to
> be wearing hemp clothing that had survived 7000 years of ice. Marked and
> tattooed the Iceman is now believed to have been a Holy man or Shaman
> because among the many things he carried with him was pharmaceutical
> quality marijuana in a pouch among the many herbs he carried. This was
> astounding in itself, but the clothing is the oldest ever found and was
> woven hemp.
> The OSS of WWII brought marijuana to this country and specifically made
> it available to blacks in the ghettoes because of the perceived addictive
> qualities. One thing that Olde J. Edgar Hoover, wanted to do, was
> subjugate the Black man from pursuing White Wymyn. Now it is known that
> the addictive qualities are non-existent.
> After the OSS and the making of the Silly Movie REEFER MADNESS, the
> public in this country had no real knowledge of what marijuana was. So
> many myths and misconceptions were rampant among the population.
> Flash forward to Vietnam. During 'Nam, the American soldier discovered
> the joys of smoking marijuana and stress relief, and like all good boys
> they brought back what they found the most of - Herpes and marijuana.
> Many of the returning vets I talked to said that they had purchased it
> over the counter packaged like cigarettes. And most of the returning vets
> had a good experience with it. And they brought home the seeds of some of
> the finest marijuana grown on the planet.
> They gave it to the Flower Children of the Sixties and seventies. But my
> speculation is that the Powers That Be gave it to the Hippies to weaken
> their Peace and Love agenda. And it became so mainstream that one could
> actually sit and smoke in public, especially in the cities of California.
> The weather of California was perfectly suited to growing year round. The
> forests of California became growing "rooms" and much of it was grown
> illicitly on federal forest land.
> The Golden Triangle was in Northern California where it is still grown
> illegally on federal land, because of the confiscation of life and
> property to the growers. Life in prison and property snatched and sold
> for fighting the GREAT War on Drugs. Humboldt County is known around the
> world for its very high THC content and it is prohibitively expensive, so
> most people do not purchase it. The very wealthy can afford it like most
> of the other things of quality that are produced by the world markets.
> Most marijuana in this country is rather low-grade and cheaply sold
> having been grown in Mexico by farmers who are trying to relieve their
> poverty and misfortune. And they are apparently being helped by the
> Mexican Army that loads it on trucks and sends it North.
> Today, the present Administration of the Four Horsemen and Cadaverous
> Cabinet are all really into calling Marijuana the Gateway drug and trying
> to eliminate it from public consumption. Most people laugh at the
> propaganda, but I have given great thought to this and I have to agree.
> Those who try marijuana and do not like it will try harder and more
> addictive drugs to get "high". Marijuana does not provide one with
> oblivion like alcohol, heroin or even Cocaine. It is not a hallucinogen
> like mushrooms, peyote and mescaline. It is a quiet and unobtrusive
> "high" that does create apathy in the user.
> THC is now well recorded for its use as a pain and nausea reliever for
> those who have to have chemo therapy for cancer and other horrifying
> diagnoses. And this is the reason that the New World Order does not want
> it available to the masses. If people found out how really effective it
> is against the hideous side effects of manmade chemotherapy, people would
> stop BUYING AND USING the outrageously priced pharmaceuticals that the
> Korporate Klaw charges for this minimal comfort from their labs.
> The travesty of law is that alcohol is the only drug that is readily
> available to the American public. Alcohol is also the drive to hell.
> Alcohol is the only INSTANT disinhibitor on the planet. It is the ONLY
> DRUG that will make you think of taking off your clothes and bedding
> strangers after only consuming three drinks in an hour and a half.
> Alcohol has been used by men to "loosen" wymyn for sex for centuries. It
> has been an instant disinhibitor causing moral decay since it was first
> discovered and became widely accepted in the Euro-Asian cultures for
> several thousand years. In some ancient countries where the water was
> bad, wine was drunk instead of water.
> During WWII, the people of Europe gave beer to their children because of
> a shortage of milk and wet nurses. Europe still does not have the problem
> of Criminal activity that American alcohol has caused.
> Alcohol is being made by the same people who make the Toxic cigarettes,
> FrankenFoods and sodas that we are supposed to consume every day. One
> must review this with a critical mind, so that one can figure that the
> toxins are also being added to alcohol. Most beer has formaldehyde in it
> to bypass the "greening" or aging process. Wines are filled with sulfites
> and sulfides to keep it from going bad. In the olde days, one had to
> consume the entire bottle in a day or two because there were no
> preservatives added.
> Marijuana is not contributing to crime like alcohol does and for the NWO
> this is not a good thing. Crime is the biggest industry in this country
> besides the sale of Arms. Crime and arms are the most important two
> contributors to the American economy that we have.
> Arms sold to the world and the American population. Alcohol keeps the
> insurance companies happy denying claims with unregulated premiums to the
> American consumer. Without alcohol, there would be less violent crimes
> less often. This was proven true during the seventies in the Scandinavian
> countries of Denmark, Sweden and Holland. These countries are known for
> their tolerance of Hash and marijuana. Once it was legalized there the
> crimes went down because it was no longer necessary to go around a
> criminal element to acquire it.
> Soon several states in America lowered their crime rates by making it
> legal. Both Oregon and Alaska allowed people to grow four plants for
> their own consumption. That was ultimately reversed to accommodate the
> economy of those states by making it a HUGE fine if caught. But the cops
> did not confiscate the stash, they just wrote out a ticket.
> Today marijuana is still consumed at a very high rate in this country.
> Because people like that NOT OUT OF CONTROL HIGH that marijuana provides.
> Those who love to smoke marijuana are seldom bothered with other drug
> consumption unless it is a beer or wine that tastes especially good when
> one is "high" on grass.
> So marijuana can be called the Gateway Drug because if you seek oblivion
> for yourself, you will not enjoy marijuana. It will make you relax and go
> to sleep. Which is all most people want.
> It is for sure that no one ever picked up a "joint", or a drink or packed
> their noses with cocaine to become drug addicts or alcoholics. People do
> drugs to feel better, or to feel happy or to go to sleep. Those are the
> three reasons that people do drugs..
> Alcohol is the drug of choice for most people because it is legal. But
> one must ask why is it so readily available when this is known to be true
> in law enforcement circles around the world? The only answer I have is:
> it causes crime. Crime sells security systems, bigger, better
> construction for the wealthy, keeps emergency rooms full and busy, keeps
> police and fireman employed. And gives doKtors and lawyers reasons to get
> up in the morning and go to work. It readily fills the prisons with new
> criminals daily. This makes us have to build more and more prisons.
> However, there are more people in prison for drug trafficking than for
> theft, because the repeat offender is plea bargained and back on the
> streets drinking his bottle of courage before going out to maraud,
> pillage and plunder innocent people.
> In short, marijuana cannot be controlled because anyone can grow it, and
> it does not contribute to crime. Therefore it will NOT be legal as long
> as the present administration is in office. But then as BabyBush said
> prior to taking office, "I stopped my dirty habits seven years ago." This
> was a reference to his nosecandy habits. But I seriously doubt if he has
> stopped drinking. Now he has access to pharmaceutical cocaine. One of his
> perks? And how about all of those vacations that he takes for a month at
> a time? No one in his position has ever taken off for more than a week,
> without tremendous press coverage. Rehab?
> One must figure that this is a personal crusade for the WhiteMen running
> Washington, because when they tried marijuana and inhaled, they did not
> get obliterated like they do when they drink themselves stupid.
> So I say, prohibition now.
> http://www.rense.com/general39/refer.htm
> --
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> "[The artwork of Andrew Penland] is REAL...what I mean by "real" is that
> it made NEW THOUGHTS occur in my head, which would have never otherwise
> occurred." --Full Force Frank

- N. Kearnon

' We hang the petty thieves, but we
promote the great ones to public office. '

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> Charlie Wilkes <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in
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> > On Sat, 02 Aug 2003 17:49:58 GMT, Agent 86 <spamspamspam at spam.spam>
> > wrote:
> >
> >>Studies done in the seventies around the world showed that marijuana
> was
> >>not an opiate as previously thought
> >
> > I don't believe it.  I want to see more information about these
> > studies and where exactly "around the world" they were done.
> >
> > Charlie
> >
> Pot is not an opiate, no matter how ignorant you may be.
> --
> Can I borrow a feeling?
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> Bass for your anus:
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> http://www.mp3.com/meterversusyard
> http://www.mp3.com/highc
> http://www.mp3.com/measurerecs.
> "[The artwork of Andrew Penland] is REAL...what I mean by "real" is that
> it made NEW THOUGHTS occur in my head, which would have never otherwise
> occurred." --Full Force Frank

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