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Charlie's Animal Research Project -- status update

The Puppy Wizard ThePuppyWizard at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 15 09:45:31 EST 2003

HOWEDY Charlie,

"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
news:7viojv4ea85c1h0s3hlh68mh5avo3u7ab1 at 4ax.com...
> On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 09:34:30 +1000, Richard Vickery
> <Richard.Vickery at unsw.edu.au> wrote:
> >Charlie Wilkes wrote:
> >> On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:42:01 GMT, "The Puppy Wizard"
> >> <ThePuppyWizard at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>>HOWEDY Richard,
> >>>
> >>>Those are good suggestions, but will be impossible
> >>>to implement in the same, and perhaps even adjacent
> >>>buildings because DDR permeates the environment
> >>>for at least five hundred feet arHOWEND.
> >>>
> >>>The Puppy Wizard. <} ; ~  )   >
> >> Good point.  Will successive blind testing work, i.e.,
> >> I monitor and analyze results without knowing which
> >> are control?

You're not gonna have any "control" group within five
hundred feet or MOORE of the DDR Machine, cause
everyWON will hear it.

> > Yes - it just means you can only study new arrivals,

Not if they're all exposed to the SHOWEND.

> > not other cats that might have been exposed (you
> > won't know if the box was on).

Although DDR will calm instances of excitement or
aggression, the way DDR works is rather generalized.
You'll probably not be seeing immediate results, because
this is a LEARNING process. The cats fighting over territory
or evacuating HOWET of their litter boxes will probably
need a couple of days to rehabilitate the ANXIETY that
causes them to indiscriminately fHOWEL their territory
fight, etc.

> > This is not a big problem if new cats arrive regularly.

You'd have to have a history of their behaviors before
turning on the SHOWEND, and take a history over the
forthcoming week or two after the SHOWEND therapy
has been instituted.

> > If you have to wait a month between tests it would
> > really slow down the project.

Probably the best way to determine if DDR is having
any effect would be to ask the caretakers to make
notes of anxiety behaviors, aggression, fHOWELING
HOWEtside of litter boxes, self mutilation, seizures,
etc., and compare that with those behaviors after the
DDR is introduced.

> >Best wishes
> >Richard Vickery
> I've got plenty of time, although my torpor is periodically
> interrupted by consulting assignments for my client.

You'll not have to supervise the proceedure very closely,
so long as the DDR is run appupriately by the staff.

> Such is my fate for the next two weeks,

I'd suggest having the staff at the shelter observe
and make notes on the comfort levels of their
critters. New arivals would be introduced to the
SHOWEND, and their progress monitored and
compared to PAST observations and expectations
of their adjustments to the facility.

> so I will have to postpone my experiment at least that long.

If you want to be there yourself, that'll probably not help.
The nature of the process will not show you any immediate
results. You'll do better with casual observation over a period
of a few days or weeks.

> BUT -- your response is good news, because the
> caged, short-term residents are the ones I want to
> study anyway.

That too, may be difficult to quantify, as those critters
may be difficult at first, and will likely make natural
adjustments to their environment and caretakers,
regardless of the SHOWEND.

>  I went to the shelter this afternoon and the manager
> put me to work pulling weeds in the hot sun

Better that than cleanin litter boxes...

> amongst the "ferals," a population of perhaps 40
> long-term residents deemed unsuitable for adoption.



We can turn those "unsuitable" critters into HOWEskats,
in a few days of just listening to DDR.

> They have a big, fenced yard with netting over the top,
> and their stress levels are about like those of sun-bathers
> on a beach.


>  They just aren't the right subjects.


That's The Puppy Wizard's SPECIALTY!

> It will probably be a month or more before I really
> get this project under way, because I want to get
> to know the people at the shelter

All you need from them are their past and current observations.

> and earn some credibility before I pursue my own
> agenda on their turf.

Well, this will be a HUGE benefit for their critters.

From: Chris Williams (k9apple at webtv.net)
Subject: Re: Thank you Jerry Howe
Date: 2002-03-26 08:16:19 PST

       Engrossing account, Anthony.  Our best to Angel
and your family.

       A friend, who socializes the kittens I've taken
from a feral cat colony, is using the DDR.

       She reports far fewer panic problems than
she's had before.


> Meanwhile I will plan my approach, and your
> guidance has been very helpful indeed.

Indeed. But the prospect of a "blind" study will
be impossible, in this setting. The only way to
do a "blind" study would be to have several
shelters operating "live" and "placebo" DDR
Machines, and then comparing the staff's
reported observations.

> I imagine I should do a series of blind tests with
> random controls to minimize the "noise" of different
> cat personalities.

The Puppy Wizard would not deny any critters of
benefit, on the basis of compiling data. The data
will be REVOLUTIONARY to say the least, just
by turning DDR on in their environment and asking
the staff for their observations over a week or two.

>  Whatever I do, I'll put detailed results on the Internet
> for all to see.  Jerry Howe is selling this machine.

Jerry Howe, A.K.A. The Puppy Wizard invented this machine.

>  He has a controversial personality

No. It's not HIS personality, it's HIS INFORMATION
which is higly controversial. The Puppy Wizard has
PROVEN most of HOWER health, temperament,
and behavior problems, are CAUSED BY MISHANDLING.

These FINDINGS have recently been VERIFIED at
Purdue and UofOH in indepentent studies not involving
DDR or The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End
Dog Training Method, which employs the same same
same same principles, minus the advantage of DDR's
calming SHOWEND program.

The International Opthalmic Association CONCURS
as in men wearing tight neckties PRECIPITATES

professor SCRUFF SHAKE'S little dog Maxie The
FuriHOWESLY Magnificent Obsessively Compulsive
Masturbator is PRIMA FASCIA EVIDENCE of The
Puppy Wizard's FINDINGS...

> that warps most discussion about him and his product.

NO. What WARPS these discussions are the certified
liars and dog abusers who DEFEND HURTING animals
to train them. They've got a vested interest in the status

HOWETA BUSINESS... like The Puppy Wizard said
when HE first came here five years ago...

NHOWE that the dog studies have been completed,
it's time to take this vital information to the FAMILY and
CHILD rearing interests at state and federal government
levels to TEACH UNCONSCIHOWES ABUSERS appupriate handling and
training of animals and children and institute
LAWS with TEETH in them, defending innocent children
and livestock from these INTENTIONAL abusers and

> I want to get past that bullshit.

Only way to do that is to EXXXPOSE them as liars,
dog abusers, and certified active mental cases who
hurt and kill dogs to compensate for their fragile
defective ego's, inferiority complexes, and weak minds.

> Charlie

 I'll be you've never had to put down litters of
 beautiful labrador puppies? If you had did, maybe
 you'd be singing a different tune?

"Actually, have held them for the tech to euth, and
put their bodies in the trash bag and in the freezer
for the trash company to come and dispose of.

No different tune," ~Emily

"I'll bet you don't know a thing about me.  I volunteered
as assistant to the euthanasia tech at our local shelter
for a while, and I know a bit about overpopulation and
unwanted animals.

This however has nothing at all to do with responsible
breeders, because responsible breeders don't contribute
to that problem," Mustang Sally.

> lyinglynn writes to a new foster care giver:
>  For barking in the crate - leave the leash on and
>  pass it through the crate door.  Attach a line to it.
>  When he barks, use the line for a correction.
>>- if necessary, go to a citronella bark collar.
>>Lynn K.
> ================
>>lynn kosmakos      (Lithium, Zoloft, bipolar, manic,
>>                             depression) will "put down a biter
>>                             as fast as anyone" yet claims to
>>                             be a saintly dog rescuer
>>Lynn K. wrote:
>>"I used to work the Kill Room as a volunteer in
>>one shelter.)  But their ability to set their own
>>schedules and duties causes a great deal of
>>scheduling overhead.
>>And it takes effort and thought to ensure that
>>volunteers get the meaningful experience that
>>they work for.
>>Someone has to be responsible for that
>>Volunteer Program, and it is best done
>>by a non-volunteer."
>>Lynn K.
>>"I worked with one shelter where I bathed and groomed
>>every adoptable dog on intake.  I frankly felt that the
>>effort/benefit equation was not balanced for some of the
>>older/ill poodle/terrier mixes we got in badly matted condition.
>>Should I have refused to groom them?
>>Or even more pertinent - I was one of the people who
>>had to make the euthanasia decisions at that shelter."
>>Lynn K.

 Are those MENTAL CASES, or NOT? Here's MOORE:

RPD* Mentally Ill AllStaRz as of 7/4/03

Mental illness is a public issue in these newsgroups.

People are always running around calling other people
mentally ill and diagnosing their illnesses. I think it's only
fair that we have an accurate list of who is and who isn't
mentally ill, so that we can avoid any misunderstandings
and promote group harmony.

Updated list as of 7/04/2003:

list of confirmed or suspected mentally ill (crazy) Regulars
Most of whom are women or homosexuals

MVP (most valuable psycho)

                         Has contributed greatly to the annual
(super psycho       results at several large pharmaceutical corps
bitch lunatic       has taken virtually every mentally ill (crazy)
queen of the        drug treatment in the book, and then some:
mentally fucked     prozac, zoloft, amitryptiline, Buspar, Xanax,
in the head         effexor, paxil, HRT, wellbutrin,

          has suffered from or been:
                          suicidal, agoraphobic, tidal waves of
                          mood swings, turned into a hermit,
                          just real angry, hubby afraid of her,
                          blood pressure, divorced, "raving bitch"
                          "zoloft zombie" for four years, "living
                          through layers and layers of gauze,"
                          smoker, buzzing, weight gain, fatigue,
                          terrible dry mouth, dull headaches,
                          brain, lack of concentration..etc.
                          severe depression, severe insomnia,
                          ALL the time, crying, not sleeping, you

          MaryBeth (on being seriously f'd in the head
          aka mentally ill) aka cuckoo! kuckoo! ding! ding! ding!
          aka a superpsychotic bitch from hell

                          "I know for a fact I went thru years of
                          being overly sensitive, being a b*tch,
                          being self centered, being self pitying,
                          you name it, I was a wreck and I ran
                          everyone in my path."

                          "<G> I do know the power of meds,
                          on a long term basis, and it's not
                          You become another person, if it's not
                          correct med for you.

                          --All the best,

                          "Yup Diane, I am taking Zoloft, and my
                          Rheumatologist told me that taking
                          Ultram with it can cause seizures."

                          "I have all the symptoms.I am suicidal
                          times (cyclical) have severe insomnia,
                          'crawly' skin etc. I have an appt to see
                          my doc next Friday to test for


                          "I noticed that antidepressants cut
                          into the dead zone and I had no real
                          like not laughing at funny stuff,
couldn't cry
                          either.....except about my suicidal
                          (but at the time I thought there was no
                          way out)."


                          "Hi, new to group, just starting Clomid
                          I talked with RE and pharmacist re:
zoloft (50
                          mg daily) and ineraction with Clomid.
                          reported none. Not sure about the prozac
                          Gonna poat a new message to intorduce
                          myself :)"

                            --MaryBeth <still feeling like
herself> <G>

                          "I wasted about 10 years of my life, and
                          many many treasured ppl and things.
                          don't do the same.


                         "Slowly but surely my depression got
worse and
                         worse. They put me on meds for it, and
                         along kept telling me to wait on the TKR,
                         'it really wasn't that bad.....yet". HA!"
                         The depression got so bad, and lots of
                         things happened and my ex and I would up
                         divorced four years after our move. It
                         horrible. The hardest thing I have eve


Theresa Willis             (paxil, depression, robot displacement)

shelly couvrette             OCD, depression, drugs to be named
                              (familial mental illness, possibly
                              to family bed) obsessively starves
                              dogs according to friends, family,
           strangers and 3 different vets, but
                              not herself

lynn kosmakos              (Lithium, Zoloft, bipolar, manic,
                             depression) will "put down a biter
                             as fast as anyone" yet claims to
                             be a saintly dog rescuer

Leah                        Effexor for chronic depression, in
                              about being mentally ill. Has taken
                             several other mentally ill
                             before settling on effexor for her
                             chronic mental problems

Tara Green                  was on antidepressants for a few years
                              prior to her marriage. During her
                              marriage, she learned a lot:
                              "With the therapist I saw during my
                             marriage I learned that some
situational      depressions are masked as chemical
             simply because of our too human ability
                              to prolong the impact of the causal
                     situations indefinitely"

     Sounds like more denial, see leah

                              Tara is also a drunk who has also
                              problems with other substances

                              TARA on being a drunk/substance

                             "Tara (who had some problems with
quite a
                              few substances as well, but who
thinks they
                              are separate issues.....so which
camp does
                              that put me in???)"

                              "Believe it or not, some people
don't have
                               a problem with drugs even though
they are
                               alcoholics. I'm not one of
those people,       but they do exist."

                               aka, tara has problems with both

Kevin Michael              various mental illness drugs, started
Vail                       zoloft, didn't like that, then went to
                            antidepressant, stopped after
                            side effects, now on SSRI and in

Furpaw                    (SSRI, cognitive therapy)

Chris Jung               (Prozac and Welbutrin, cognitive therapy)

Charlie Wilkes            drugged out, crazy, fucked up all his
                            life, Christ the shit he's been
                            including psych wards and electroshock
                            treatments but now pulling down major
                            as a business consultant. Triumphing
                            adversity, with a damn good life and a
                            well trained dog (very much unlike

Karen DuChateaux         suffered from clinical depression for
aka Karibear             until some drug or something brought her
                            of it. Some of her best friends "are
                            certifiable" and have various degrees
                            psychoses. Familial mental disability.
                            Refuses to say whether or not she is
                            currently using drug or cognitive
                            for mental illness.

Mike "DumbOxDumb"        threatened non violent dog expert Jerry
Dufort (pending)         with Mike's fully armed US Army Platoon.
                           Threatened to bring his platoon to
                           HOWSE. also OCD (obsessed with Jerry's

Jim Sabatke Jim is currently on Effexor which he takes
because of his depression/mental problems.
                         Like many of our mental cases, Jim has
trouble finding the right med(s) to keep him
from going kuckoo!! kuckoooo!!! or getting
the "brain shivers"

From: Jim Sabatke (jsabatke at execpc.com)
Subject: Re: anyone using Effexor?
Date: 2002-11-29 20:25:16 PST

"I'm on 375 mg/day and it has worked
wonders for me. The only down side is
that my blood pressure has elevated
somewhat; oh and if I miss a dose by a
couple of hours the "brain shivers" can
be really bad.

Good luck!


"I switched from Paxil to Effexor about
5 months ago.  I tapered off of the Paxil
and tapered onto the Effexor at the same


"After several years on Effexor IR, my
pdoc tried switching me to XR.  I
experienced fairly severe Effexor
withdrawel until I went back to the IR."


(please proudly add your name and the drugs/disorders
specific to you, if you are also mentally ill). If we all come
forward, we can help each other with our problems.

Remember, mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

It's not your fault if you have a defective brain which
may cause you to act like an extreme hypocrite and/or
idiot and/or robot without your being aware of it).

Also, please notify us if you are *not* mentally ill, and
have been added to this by mistake, so we can make
our corrections and remove you from the crazy person list.
mental health weekly

Can you tell the TRUTH from a LIE?:

          > > > Jerome Bigge writes:
          > > > I do know that hitting, hurting
          > > > your dog will often make the
          > > > dog either aggressive or a fear
          > > > biter, neither of which we want to do.

And then we got, matty! Follow his discussion!
This is what's called, a liar and dog abuser:

          > > And neither does anyone else,
          > > Jerome.  No matter
          > > what Jerry Howe states.

"Just Want To Second Jerry's Method For
Dealing With This I've Suggested It To Quite
A Few Clients Now And It's Worked 'EVERY
TIME The Very First Time' - marilyn, Trainer,
33 Years Experience.

You DO remember KILLFILING MARILYN for her coment above
regarding her success with The Puppy Wizard's Surrogate Toy
Separation Anxiety / Bed Time Calming Technique (STSA/BTCT)?

Perhaps you likeWIZE recall a pediatrician, Dr. Z, who commented
that his bed time calming technique was quite similar?

          > > You're scary Marilyn.

          > > Marilyn must be quite a disturbed
          > > individual.  I feel very sorry for her
          > > and her family.

"His Amazing Progress Almost Makes Me Cry.
Your Method Takes Positive Training To The
Next Level And Should Really Be Used By All
Trainers Who Call Themselves Trainers. Thank
You For Helping Me Save His Life," Kay Pierce,
Professional Trainer, 30 Years Experience.

          > > BUT, giving you the benefit of the
          > > doubt, please provide a quote (an
          > > original quote, not from one of Jerry
          > > Howe's heavily edited diatribes) that
          > > shows a regular poster promoting or
          > > using an abusive form of training.


          > > --Matt.  Rocky's a Dog.

"Many People Have Problems Getting The Pinch
Right, Either They Do Not Pinch Enough, Or They
Have A Very Stoic Dog. Some Dogs Will Collapse
Into A Heap. About The Ear Pinch: You Must Keep
The Pressure Up," sindy "don't let the dog SCREAM"
mooreon, author of HOWER FAQ's pages on k9 web.


"Well, Jack Did Hit My Dog. Actually I'd Call It
A Sharp Tap Of The Crook To The Nose. I Know
Jack Wouldn't HaveDone It If He Thought Solo
Couldn't Take It. I Still Crate Him Because
Otherwise I Fear He Might Eat My Cat," melanie.

You think allowing a "FEAR AGGRESSIVE MAN
SHY" dog to be BEATEN by a strange male trainer

"Warning: Sometimes The Corrections Will Seem
Quite Harsh And  Cause You To Cringe. This Is A
Normal Reaction The First Few  Times It Happens,
But You'll Get Over It."mike duforth, author:
"Courteous Canine."

You think HURTIN dogs and CRINGING

"I have heard advice stating that you should pre-load
your dog for Bitter Apple for it to work as efficiently
as possible. What  does this mean?"

Means the author is a dog abuser of the worst magnitude.

"When you bring home the Bitter Apple for the first time, spray
one squirt
directly into the dog's mouth and walk away. The dog won't be too
with this but just ignore him and continue your normal behavior."

You think HURTING your dog is NORMAL BEHAVIOR?

  --Mike Dufort
    author of the zero selling book
    "Courteous Canines"

You think HOWER pal mikey is playin with a full deck?

Yeah. When I preload my dog's mouth with bitter apple,
suppose I don't get used to being stupid and cruel, mikey?

Then HOWE do I train my dog if I can't HURT it?

"I Dropped The Leash, Threw My Right Arm Over The Lab's Shoulder,
Her Opposite Foot With My Left Hand, Rolled Her On Her Side,
Leaned On Her,
Smartly Growled Into Her Throat And Said "GRRRR!" And Neatly
Nipped Her
Ear," sionnach.

Oh, THANKS, sinofabitch...

  And from terri willis, Psychoclown wrote:
  "Nope. That "beating dogs with sticks" things is
  something you twisted out of context,
  because you are full of bizarro manure."

           "Get A 30"- 40" Stick.You can have a
           helper wield the stick, or do it yourself.
           Tougher, less tractable dogs may require
           you to progress to striking them more
           sharply," lying frosty dahl, ethical breeder,
           expert trainer.

You think a EXXXPERT trainer got to BEAT

        "Pudge Was So Soft That She Could And
        Would Avoid A Simple Swat On The Rump
        With A Riding Crop," lying frosty dahl,
        discoverer of CANNIBALISM in Labradors.

Perhaps the mom dog didn't want her babies HURT all
their lives like HOWE HOWER dog lovers PREFER to

"John ran out, grabbed Blackie by the collar, and
gave the dog two or three medium whacks on the
rump with a training stick while holding him partially
off the ground. John then told Blackie to sit, ran back
to the line and cast him back to the dummies."

The Puppy Wizard sez a mom dog eatin her babies
to SAVE THEM from a fate like that, is COMMENDABLE.

We're gonna teach folks THAT AIN'T NORMAL...

             terri willis, Psychoclown wrote:
            "Nope. That "beating dogs with sticks"
            things is something you twisted out of
            context, because you are full of bizarro

Sez on our FAQ'S pages at K9 Web you should knee the dog in the
chest, step
on its toes, throw him down by his ears and climb all over it like
a raped
ape growling into his throat and bite IT on his ears, or leash pop
it on a
pronged spiked pinch choke collar or pop him in the snout with the
heel of
your palm.

"BethF" <dawg at alaska.com> wrote in message
news:ugc7us32ki5fb9 at corp.supernews.com...
> "Frank" <flmarcher at netscape.net> wrote in message
> news:d2f1624e.0206101912.2980eb03 at posting.google.com...
> > dfrntdrums at aol.comMURK-OFF (Leah) wrote in message
news:<20020610173326.01953.00000597 at mb-fx.aol.com>...
> > > >"brianev" brianev at attbi.com wrote:
> > > > I ENJOYED reading your book, and
> > > > AGREED with what you had to say.
> > > > I find it sick to hear what people
> > > > do with their dogs.
> > > Keep in mind that everything he says that
> > > the regular posters of this ng do to their
> > > dogs are lies.
> > > All of it.  Every last bit.
> > All of it?
> > Ear pinching?
> > Shock collars?
> > Spiked chokers?
> > The regulars lie more in their denials than
> > Howe does in his accusing of them.
> Uh, Frank?  Who do you see denying anything?
> Its quite interesting that a newbie like yourself
> would see denials when everyone has Jerry
> killfiled and therefore don't even read his posts,
> let alone respond to them.

"Rocky" <2dogs at rocky-dog.com> wrote in message
news:Xns92FEEC097E4AAaustralianshepherdca at

          > Linda wrote in rec.pets.dogs.behavior:

          > > When you compare using sound and
          > > praise to solve a problem with using
          > > shock collars, hanging, and punishment
          > >  how can you criticize the use of sound?

          > There's nothing more to be said, then.
          > You've made up your mind.

          > But you've impressed me by mentioning
          > that you're a professor with 30 years of
          > experience.

          >  So, can you cite some examples of
          > people recommending "shock collars,
          > hanging, and punishment"?


          > --
          > --Matt.  Rocky's a Dog.

You think matty's playin with a full
goddamned deck?

matty's NOT a liar and dog abuser.

Isn't that true, Marilyn?

Of course not, but THIS IS:

"Chin CHUCK absolutely doesn't mean slap,"
 professora gingold.

"Marshall Dermer" <dermer at alpha1.csd.uwm.edu> wrote in message
news:a3h5qn$mra$1 at uwm.edu...

          > >Di,

          > I don't believe you mentioned a particular
          > kind of training. If you are interested in
          > training retrieval behavior than do
          > consider our own Amy Dahl's:

          > The 10-Minute Retriever : How to Make a
          > Well-Mannered,  Obedient and
          > Enthusiastic Gun Dog in 10 Minutes a
          > Day by John I. Dahl, Amy Dahl

You failed to mention your pals the dahls are
proven liars and dog abusers, professor "SCRUFF SHAKE:"

           "I Would Never Advise Anyone To Slap A
           Dog I Do Not Believe There Is A Single
           Circumstance Ever, Where Slapping A
           Dog Is Anything But Destructive,"

LUCKY thing CHIN CHUCK absolutely don't
mean slap the goddamned dog, we'd look like
a conspiracy of LIARS and DOG abusers if
CHIN CHUCK DID mean SLAP the dog.

"I don't see why anyone would want to choke or
beat a dog, or how any trainer could possibly get
a good working dog by making them unhapper,
fearful, cowering, etc." sez amy lying frosty dahl.


          > just $17.95 at Amazon.com.

          > (Also, it is best to killfile posts from the
          > few regulars here who are either ill-
          > tempered, ill-mannered, or just plain ill.)
          > --Marshall

Or HOWE about HOWER just plain CRUEL
professor SCRUFF SHAKE?

amy lying frosty dahl continues:

           "On the other extreme, the really hard dogs
           we have trained require much more
           frequent and heavy application of pressure
          (PAIN j.h.) to get the job done,

          This is continued resistance to your
          increasing authority, and the job is
          not done until it is  overcome

          Get A 30"- 40" Stick.You can have a helper
          wield the stick, or do it yourself. Tougher,
          less tractable dogs may require you to
          progress to striking them more sharply"


         "Try pinching the ear between the metal
         casing and the collar,  even the buckle on
         the collar. Persist! Eventually, the dog will
        give in but will squeal, thrash around, and
        direct their efforts to escaping the ear pinch"


           "You can press the dog's ear with a
           shotshell instead of your thumb even
           get a studded collar and pinch the ear
          against that Make the dog's need to stop
          the pinching so urgent that resisting your
          will fades in importance.

           CHUCK IT Under ITS Chin With That Ever
           Ready Right Hand, As it catches on, try
           using the stick and no ear pinch.

          When the dog is digging out to beat the
          stick and seems totally reliable without
          any ear pinch, you are finished

           This is continued resistance to your
           increasing authority, and the job is
           not done until it is overcome"

          If the dog drops it, chuck it solidly
          under the chin, say "No! Hold!"

           (stay on the ear until it does) (perhaps
           because the ear is getting tender, or the
           dog has decided it isn't worth it)" lying
           frosty dahl.

           "Chin cuff absolutely does not mean slap,"
            professora gingold.

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          >> Yes. you're right, I really should find
          >> the book.. they don't have these books
          >> in the local pet stores I frequent, where
          >> do you find Koehler?

          > I got a nice large print copy from
          > Amazon.com


            Please try Powell's Books in Portland
            Oregon. Their URL is:


            Unlike Amazon.com, Powell's keeps both
            new and used books on its shelves. You
            can order books via e-email.

                               Koehler Method Of Dog
                               by Koehler, W R
                               Published by HOWELL BOOK
                               HOUSE (0876056575,


Here's some quotes and some methods right
outta your koehler book professor "SCRUFF SHAKE and scream "NO!"
into its
face for 5

"The Koehler Method of Dog Training (1962).  New York:
           Howell Book Book House(p. 52-53)."


"First, the trainer makes certain that the collar
and leash are more than adequate for any jerk
or strain that the dog's most frantic actions could cause.  Then
he starts
to work the dog deliberately and fairly to the point where the dog
makes his

Before the teeth have reached their target,
the dog, weight permitting, is jerked from
the ground.

As in coping with some of the afore-mentioned problems the dog is
in mid-air.

           However, to let the biting dog recover
           his footing while he still had the strength
           to renew the attack would be cruelty.

          The only justifiable course is to hold him
          suspended until he has neither the strength
          nor inclination to renew the fight.

          When finally it is obvious that he is
          physically incapable of expressing his
          resentment and is lowered to the ground,
         he will probably stagger loop-legged for a
         few steps, vomit once or twice, and roll
         over on his side.

         The sight of a dog lying, thick-tongued,
         on his side, is not pleasant, but do not
         let it alarm you

           THE REAL "HOOD"

           "If your dog is a real "hood" who would
           regard the foregoing types of protest as
          "kid stuff" and would express his
          resentment of your efforts by biting,
          your problem is difficult -- and pressing.

           "Professional trainers often get these
           extreme problems. Nearly always the
           "protest biter" is the handiwork of a
           person who, by avoiding situations that
           the dog might resent, has nurtured the
           seeds of rebellion and then  cultivated
          the resultant growth with under correction.

           When these people reap their inevitable
           and oftentimes painful harvest, they are
           ready to avail themselves of "the cruel
           trainer" whose advice they may have
           once rejected because it was incompatible
           with the sugary droolings of mealy-
          mouthed columnists, breed-ring biddies,
          and dog psychologists who, by the
          broken skins and broken hearts their
         misinformation causes, can be proven guilty
         of the greatest act of cruelty to animals
         since the dawn of time.

         "With more genuine compassion for the
         biting dog than would ever be demonstrated
         by those who are "too kind" to make a
         correction and certainly with more disregard
         for his safety, the professional trainer
         morally feels obligated to perform a "major

          "Since we are presently concerned with
          the dog that bites in resentment of the
          demands of training, we will set our
          example in that situation.  (In a later
          chapter we will deal with the with the
          much easier problem of the dog that
          bites someone other than his master."

Are we havin FUN yet?

Got a lite, professor SCRUFF SHAKE?

The Puppy Wizard. <} : ~  )   >

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