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ADHD Drug Treatment May Prevent Future Drug Use

jon jonajunaAThotmailDOTcom at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Sun Aug 17 12:55:54 EST 2003

Jasbird" <Jasbird#dead-mail-box#@myrealbox.com> wrote

> If  ritalin is such a "rough dirty ride" as you claim could you please
> cite some sources.

 ask anyone who has ever used stimulants what the comedown is like, or the
sketchiness you get after being "up" for a few hours.....amphetamines in all
their forms (excluding the mda derivatives) are rough drugs .......cocaine
is a much more pleasant stimulant ;) (not encourageing anyone to use these
drugs, they will fuck you up if you get hooked)

> If ADHD doesn't exist then please explain why children diagnosed with
> ADHD who were not treated with stimulants are twice as likely to later
> become addicted to alcohol or other drugs.

the other poster has said all i was going to, with the exception that one
study never proves anything....... unless you also believe of course that
cannabis makes men grow breasts and "causes" schizophrenia. or that one time
use of crack turns you into an addict......or that you go blind from
masterbating etc etc etc

> Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps social policy should be based upon something
> other than feelings.

oh you mean like logic and rational argument..........oh well thats the
whole of parliment out of a job then!
replace the WORDS to make it work

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