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T. S. Kuhn's "Paradigm Shift" - why it's 'difficult'

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Aug 31 04:15:08 EST 2003

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| Superficially, this is all quite simple and easy to
| comprehend, but its full comprehension is Difficult
| be-cause its full comprehension interferes with the
| 'blind' TD E/I-minimization that's inherent in all
| 'typical' behavioral manifestations.

Note well: There's nothing innate within in nervous
systems that mediates this 'difficulty' - nothing that
'requires' it.

It occurs as a function of intergenerationally handed
down stuff =and= the way that nervous systems
innately resist "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8].

>From Infancy, absent understanding of how nervous
systems process information, virtually everyone is
subjected to the learning of a lot of stuff that's been
haphazardly accumulated over the course of the

Once it's learned, nervous systems tend to resist
"rendering useless" with respect to it.

Where such comes into play in the 'difficulty' that
I'm discussing in this thread is that the haphazardly
accumulated, intergenerationally handed down stuff
includes the stuff of 'taboos', which, in the absence
of generalized understanding of how nervous
systems process information, serve as 'blindly'-
automated 'rules' with respect to conflict 'avoidance'
within societal groups who learn them.

The Problem with 'taboos' is that they do derive in
collective guesswork, and are mere conventions,
born in the fact of their groupwise repetition.

Still the facts of their being learned and strongly
enforced via societal sanctions evokes nervous
systems' 'blindly'-automated resistence to "rend-
ering useless".

This stuff is what "interferes" - because the full
comprehension of how nervous systems process
information "interferes" with the perpetuation of
the learned haphazardly accumulated, inter-
generationally handed down stuff.

The resistance to "rendering useless" of such
old haphazardly accummulated, intergenera-
tionally handed down learning is an extremely
powerful neural dynamic that underpins most of
Humanity's current travail.

It, of course, includes stuff like 'religion' in which
Belief in a Universal Creator is 'denied', enabling
one's in-group's 'belief' to be deemed to 'be' of
greater value than the 'beliefs' of out-group folks.

>From there, it's a relatively small step to acquiescing
to Murder - but, when one looks, all one can see
is that such acquiescence derives in nervous
system function - raw 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization - not anything remotely Universal.

If I need to make it clear again, I Believe in God.

God Universal.

Not a 'god' that is 'created' within the whims of
localized learning dynamics.

Not a 'god' that says it's OK for one to cherish
one's own Life but for that one to 'deny' the same
cherishing of Life to another.

ken [k. p. collins]

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