Mobile Telephone Mast: Neurological Implications

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Sun Feb 2 08:38:22 EST 2003


I'm writing in the hope that those of you with professional
qualifications in neurology or telecommunications will be able to
share you expertise.

I have learned of plans for a mobile telephone mast to be erected on
land opposite my home. The distance is around fifty yards. I am a
neurological patient with progressive Generalized Dystonia of
childhood onset. A near neighbour has Multiple Sclerosis. Another
neighbour, slightly further away from the proposed site, had a stroke
in her early thirties, since when she has suffered from epilepsy. I am
very concerned about the effect a mobile telephone mast might have on
our neurological conditions and, indeed, the health of others in the

I welcome you opinion of the situation. If you feel the telephone mast
is a potential health hazard, please provide as much medical/technical
detail as you are able. Without new data, I fear that the local
council will ignore the more general objections of residents and
permit the erection of the mast.



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